Guitar Mentorship Program Student Testimonials

Temple Of Shred testimonials, Guitarist Mentorship Program: Kevin S. on stage.

“I have played guitar for many years and felt my playing and writing had reached a plateau. I reached out to Paul and have been amazed at the results of his mentorship program. “

“Paul is a fantastic musician and instructor. His personalized instruction focuses on what I want to play and work on. His instruction never feels forced and he is always able to relate what he is teaching to songs and bands. He does an excellent job of not only teaching technique and style, but why it works.

Paul has helped me correct my technique to play significantly more efficient as well as gaining a fuller understanding of the fretboard and the why of the guitar.

Another amazing benefit is the way he has been able to help me develop my own writing to finally be able to play the songs in my head the way I hear them.

Paul’s program has helped bring back my love for playing music and has re-inspired me to challenge and push myself to become a better musician. Highly recommend his program to anyone that wants to improve their playing.”
– Kevin S.

Temple Of Shred testimonials, Guitarist Mentorship Program: Ted T. playing

“The time following music school was a difficult time for me. I was directionless. I was unsatisfied with my playing. I didn’t know how to improve and I didn’t know where I wanted to improve. “

“I met Paul online when I had been posting my playing looking for some sort of inspiration. Paul was one of the only people who bothered commenting on my poorly shot, hard to hear cell phone video. I added Paul right away.

Soon I saw he was offering lessons for mentorship. I already had a college degree in guitar but I didn’t feel like I was living up to it, or that my playing was even deserving of being an educated musician. So I took the plunge.

Paul was the one who pushed me to REALLY challenge myself and actually grow with my instrument. Paul’s lessons transformed my playing but his mentorship transformed my life.

Under Paul I had the confidence to write a record. I had the confidence to post myself playing more often and developed a small following of my own.

Most importantly Paul gave me the self confidence to take control of my life. I am so proud to call Paul my mentor.”
– Ted T.

Temple Of Shred testimonials, Guitarist Mentorship Program: Eric G. with his guitar

“Paul is more than just a teacher. He is actively pursuing each and every one of his students personal growth as not only a guitarist but as a musician as a whole.

I can say that my own progress has been directly correlated to Paul’s direction and encouragement in my journey. He is the real deal.”
– Eric G.

Temple Of Shred testimonials, Guitarist Mentorship Program: Zack T. on stage

My last 5 plus years of playing have been playing catch up to a Berklee graduate. Subsequently being so focused on trying to up my capability, I didn’t keep up on my writing.

Paul has been extremely helpful and patient with me since I began lessons a few months ago. He’s slowly, but surely helping me regain my writing ability, and I couldn’t be more stoked to see what the future lessons bring!
– Zack T.