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8 String Scales and Intervals

In this video you will learn how to fully utilize your 8 string guitar to powerful degree, and learn a healthful helping of music theory. This video is FULL of exercises for alternate picking, so that you can develop the strength and certainty you need on your 8 string guitar!

Alternate Picking Fundamentals

In this intermediate lesson video you will learn some basic principles regarding alternate picking. Packed with exercises and ideas that will open up the fret board, this lesson is short, sweet and decisive!

Tapping Arpeggios

In this intermediate lesson you’ll learn how to use two-handed tapping in a chordalway to add to your improvisation skills for lead guitar or for rhythmic alliteration!

Sweep Arpeggios

In this lesson you will learn the 6 fundamental sweep arpeggio shapes across 5 and 6 string combinations along with learning some fun exercises that will challenge your fingers across the upper frets!

A Harmonic Minor Scale

In this lesson you’ll learn the A Harmonic Minor Scale as well as some accompanying chords and chord inversions that can spice up your playing in a superbly epic way!

Developing Feel

In this video we cover the basics of what is needed to develop a good sense of melodic feel on the electric guitar. From bending to vibrato to helpful tips about technique as well as hints that can unlock feel for you in a big way!