How does Temple of Shred work?

The Temple of Shred guitar video lessons are based on Vimeo. When you buy a video, it will go through their service.

While purchasing a video please select the option to share your email with the author. Then I will be able to send you an invitation to join the exclusive community at Temple of Shred and access the members-only area.

Why Temple of Shred?

The methods created for teaching in my mentorship program are far reaching, in regards to how deeply they have been able to affect change in my mentees’ playing. As such, I have applied the same logic and demeanor in these bespoke lessons, so that you get the maximum result out of your time with these lessons. These methods are unique, powerful and highly effective.

Are there refunds?

As this is a digital business, due to the nature of the products, there are no refunds.

I love the lessons! I want more!

Temple of Shred is working diligently to add more and more lessons to the website all the time! However, if you are curious about entering into the Guitarist Mentorship Program, please inquire directly.

How long are the lessons?

Length of a lesson is highly dependent upon the nature of the topic in the lesson.

Where do I download the tab for the lesson(s)?

The tablature is embedded into the videos themselves so that when watching them to any device – whether you are on a desktop, pad, or streaming to a big screen tv, you can watch these lessons without having to open up a separate program to read the tab.

The tablature files are not currently offered as a separate download. We are working on adding them, please check back soon.

Where can I find more information about the Mentorship Program?

You can visit paulozz.com and contact me through the form on that website directly to inquire about my Mentorship Program.

What guitars do you use?

I am an artist with Aristides Guitars and use them exclusively for creating music as well as teaching. Currently I own an 080S, 060, 060R and an original O1O.