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Portrait of Paul Ozz with a pink (raw) Aristides guitar with black hardware

My name is Paul Ozz, your new guitar instructor.

The guitar lesson videos on this site are curated to be the best lessons out there. I sincerely hope you learn a lot through these materials, and that they can help you to reinvigorate your musical passion – whether it’s dormant, or very much alive!

My approach to teaching has always been the same: How do I directly serve my students’ wants and needs?

Let’s face it, we have all had bad teachers. It’s my personal goal to be the one that you remember as a great one.

Paul Ozz with a beautiful metal Aristides guitar, standing on a windy beach

Why Temple of Shred?

One of the best parts about Temple of Shred is the fact that when you purchase a lesson, you can access them whenever and from wherever you like with Vimeo!

On top of downloading them, you always have access to the tablature along with the video. The tabs are embedded into the videos for the sake of ease, and especially for those who are on the go in their daily lives.